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Brian's Poems

Bouncy Poems

By: Brian Skinn

The rains all about
The sun's hiding from view
It will come out anew
When it bloody wants too

By: Brian Skinn

Relaxing by the lake so calm
Seems to coat the soil with balm
It soothes the troubled mind
And leaves worries far behind

Rippling water against the lake shore
Seems to keep me calling for more
The birds chirp all day long
And I whistle their simple song

By: Brian Skinn

It's time for the sun to burst through
When the clouds go and the sky turns blue
It's springtime

It's time for the flowers to bloom
Pushing out those months of gloom
It's springtime

It's time for everyone to dance
Ah, the joys of a new romance
It's spingtime

Listen, look and feel the air all around
Can you hear the springtime sound
Watching all the new things coming alive
I'm glad nature is on our side

It's springtime, it's springtime.