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Brian's Poems

Feeling Blue Poems

By: Brian Skinn

How much we struggle with life
One day after another after another
Some of us break out and smile
While others are lost forever

How much we struggle with work
One day after another after another
Some of us find a bride and get married
While others find it hard to leave their mother

How much we struggle with the wife
One day after another after another
Some of us learn to live the dream
While others are not that clever

By: Brian Skinn

The river runs deep and far
Seeing everything along the way
It has seen all history
It has seen every day

I sit by its side
Enjoying my time in the sun
I wonder where its been
I wonder where it all begun

It has strength and endures
While it is being fed by the sky
Like us it grows and subsides
Like us it grows and never asks why

At times its flow will slow
Then it will flood and run fast
Our lives go with the flow
Our lives just go so fast

When I have turned to dust
The river will keep on flowing by
I just wish I could be here longer
I just wish I didn't have to die

New Life
By: Brian Skinn

The warm days turn cold
When summer turns its back
And winter finally takes hold

The cold days are not as long
When winter stands so tall
But summer is where I belong

Then all at once the shackles come off
New life springs up everywhere
Spring has pushed out winter's wrath

Renewal can be seen all around
Nature has again found its way
Simply incomprehensively profound

By: Brian Skinn

Sitting alone close to the heater
Adjusting the cushion of the two seater
My mind wanders back to times past
of long days that couldn't last

Carefree days and lives of leisure
When nothing could stop the pleasure
Of our longing to be together
And our love could handle any weather

It's a cold night all alone
The warmth has left this cosy home
The empty hours cause such pain
As my mind wanders back again and again

Where did things turn around
When without a sound
The carefree days were gone
And the love seemed all wrong

Living alone is so lonely
The life's gone, if only
The heart would again begin to glow
I'm sure the warmth would show

Life is so lonely, I'm so lonely
If only .......... If only.