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Brian's Poems

Heart Felt Poems

By: Brian Skinn

Some days my spirits are high
Some days my spirits are low
Some days my spirits sing
Some days my spirits cry

One day a women changed my life
One day a woman entered my soul
One day that woman made me smile
One day that woman became my wife

Out of all the people a soulmate is found
Out of all the people destiny is fulfilled
Out of all the people only that one can love me
Out of all the people she and I are bound

My Love
By: Brian Skinn

Way down by the lake
Where you and I
Had so much fun
Under the blue sky

I remember the way you looked
When I said I love you
That warm and summery night
And yes and yes it was true

Now looking back
Always in love now and then
You and I together
Forever, again and again

By: Brian Skinn

Anniversary days are here again
Its been a whole twelve months
And it seems like just yesterday
But it's here again, all at once

Its been a full twenty one years
But who is counting anyway
Stop - I know that wives do
They count every day

Year after year I wait for this day
The 22nd of September
Happy Anniversary my dear
You see, I do remember

Birthday Girl
By: Brian Skinn

Look at the smile on her face
Her look of utter joy
All dressed in pretty pink lace
She's waiting for her birthday toy

She's a birthday girl
All of five years old
Today she's in a whirl
And lifes as good as gold

Here comes the candle-lit cake
The flames dance in her eyes
Its a wish you have to make
To get your birthday surprise

Blow, blow them all out
And we will sing the birthday song
That's what a birthday is all about
Knowing that you really do belong

Heart Ache, Pain and Hope
By: Brian Skinn

Time must seem to have stood still
Being laid low and unwell
How long must it go on
Before you are well again

All these years have past
Many when hope seemed lost
But now its in your favour
So gain some strength and shake it off

We all know how you have suffered
But we know your now tougher
Fight, fight all the pain away
Your strong heart and our love will help you through

By: Brian Skinn

The heartache of knowing your not well
Must be like living through sheer hell
The anguish, the worry, the mental torment
Would make any relief seem heaven sent

The constant strain slowly gets you down
I can see it clearly in the way you frown
Those crying eyes reflect the heartache
So don't give up now for heavens sake

Soon you'll be able to smile
And know that if only for a while
You will live the benefits of remission
Before the time of your next admission

Even then never lose sight
Of the fact that in time they might
Find a way to totally avert
The need for you to ever feel further hurt

Time must pass for you and me
And your will may weaken to set you free
But fight for your life down to the wire
I know you can, I know your a trier

By: Brian Skinn

True sorrow is felt quite deep
Right to one's very core
It becomes so very hard to sleep
And its hard to remember any more.

The grief isn't dulled by friends
As the days merge into one
One hopes the broken heart mends
And all the crying's done.