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Poems Contributed by Others

Life Balance, Through the eyes of Peter Sullivan
By: Hedi Sullivan

Make time for family and time for friends
Time for you, and time for me
Time to be and time to grow
Makes a balanced day.

Some stress, some rest
Some running, some sleeping
Some walking, some reading
Makes a balanced day.

Sit and talk, laugh and listen
Why not learn, knowledge is missin’
Add some spice and all are kissin’
Makes a balanced day.

A lot of love, a little hate
A bit of giving, and some getting
Forgiving and forgetting
Makes a balanced day.

We love our sweets, our cakes and drinks
But not so much our fruits and things
Indulge in pleasures that corrupt
As long as they don’t interrupt
Makes a balanced day.

Walk the dog, kiss the wife
A little bit of this, and a little bit of that
Some tender caring and sharing
Makes a balanced day.

Save some money along the way
Will in time save your day
What of pleasures that life may bring
But don’t forget your balanced day.

56 hours of work
With lunch and fun along the way
Early to rise, keen to work
Makes David Plitz,
Go on a blitz.

Mix this up and stir real good
Because you know that this is food
To make a “Balanced Life”.

By: Alex Kocan

Rivers ebb and flow
From the highest mountains to the lowest valley.
Eventually trickling into the sea.

Rivers don't pass without a fight.
As it cuts through the landscape
Pebbles clatter, crumble
And decay with the force
of the gushing water
Into insignificant fragments.

Salmon jump up stream to answer the call of nature.
Carefully avoiding the heron sitting patiently
On the rocks waiting for an easy feast.
The mud paths along side the water have healed.
Wild grass and heather have now returned.

A fox cub prances through the flowers near his home.
Pretending to be like his parents.
But all he manages to catch is his own tail.

Nature is a fantastic thing
People should admire it from a far
Not tamper with it.
Wild life should not be tamed
Nothing Mother Nature creates is ugly.

Special Moments ....
By: Cheryl Lawie

These are special moments,
in the soft, dim light.
Special time together
in the still of the night.

Your hair is soft and shiny,
your head upon my chest.
Soft breath touches my cheek
Limbs held against me rest.

I feel your heart beat quickly
as your eyes slowly close
Tiny movements, little twitches
and then the tension goes.

These are special moments,
that nothing can replace.
That sigh of contentment
and the smile upon your face.

For now you've had your fill
and you settle back to rest.
Just a few more hours until
I hold you again close to my breast.

There will come a time
when you'll sleep through, and maybe
I'll miss these special moments
night feeding my dear baby.

Sometimes I Wonder
By: Lacey Custer

Sometimes I wonder if life is a dream and someday or another
I will wake up and my life will finally start.
Sometimes I wonder if my life is a nightmare and then I will
wake up and my life will be what I dreamed it to be.

By: Diane Amato

Silence . . .
Only hearing your beat and breath;
But listen . . .
Can you hear it?
The enveloping presence of our Earth Mother
Speaking to your heart in her silent darkness.
Telling you of promises she has made
And promises she has kept.
Old, older, longer than we, with our tiny experience of time
Can ever hope to image.
In her endless eons, She has laid down the beauty of the ages,
As drop follows drop, the promise fulfilled
Of time honoured continuance.