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Brian's Poems

Pensive Poems

The Master
By: Brian Skinn

The master found the going tough
He'd soon learn that enough was enough
It was as if he was a leader of a cult
But the men he pushed would soon revolt

He neither cared nor understood
And it's likely he never would
His life had been hard from the start
It was this that killed his growing heart

He had bullied people at school
Anyone who crossed him was a fool
The same can be said of him today
He still always gets his own way

He liked his new job best of all
Everyone jumped to his every call
But the men he pushed were like him
Hard - used to risking life and limb

But the master's rule was coming to an end
That was the whisper from the pen.
The guards knew something was wrong
And sensed it wouldn't take long

Without warning trouble spread
They didn't have to be led
Each knew what they had to do
And with each moment their anger grew

The guards didn't stand a chance
As the men made their advance
Yelling and screaming filled the air
The guards drew back in despair

The fighting didn't last long at all
Before all the guards were against the wall.
The master sensed the end was near
How he could escape just wasn't clear

The guards were led into a yard
Where the retribution was swift and hard
They were all killed one by one
The prisoners doing it just for fun

The Governor knew he was next to die
And he still didn't understand why.
But he knew his rule was at an end
And there was nothing left to defend

The escape he planned might have worked
But he underestimated the men and smirked
"I'll get away", he said
"They'll only get me if I'm dead"

His dying words he mouthed aloud
As his tear filled eyes watched the crowd
"It was the only way I knew", he cried
He groaned, rolled over and died

The men burnt the place to the ground
No more can the prison be found
But the ghost of the Master can still be heard
Out amongst the ruins where all the brutality occurred

The Ordeal
By: Brian Skinn

Stars begin to shimmer
The sun becomes dimmer
As the moon rises anew

The nightlife opens its eyes
And listens to the cry's
Of the sunlight going down

They hear the rustle of the trees
As the breeze carresses the leaves
Bringing with it hope and life

You and I creep inside
To find somewhere to hide
Away from the night's unknown

The dark life pushes away
Any thought of the coming day
And makes the most of it's share of life

But we all really all live together
And that will go on forever
For all time, for all time, forever

By: Brian Skinn

To my soul life is precious
For my goal is not pretentious
My life must be used for good
Oh how I wish it could

Days roll into years, eyes grow tired
How many times do you have to try
The men folk wonder why they are fired
And find at home their wives have cried

Life is young, life is old
It will go on forever, everywhere for everyone
It doesn't matter what your told
Its just something from which we can't run

Peace at Last
By: Brian Skinn

Listening to the peaceful land
Watching nature play it's hand
Smelling the fragrance of the earth
Makes me realise how much it's worth

Sitting under the light of the moon
Pushing away thoughts of future doom
Letting my mind wonder free
Allows me to see how life should be

Feeling the change as night becomes dawn
Sensing the joy as a new day is born
Wishing all the magic would stay
Holds me here day after day

Resting in the quiet countryside
Knowing this happiness won't subside
Finding everlasting feelings that fill my soul
Tells me that I've finally reached my goal.

Old Hope
By: Brian Skinn

When days were long and many stories were told
The fires glowed, throwing off the damp and cold
The hours seemed to glide, as the man spun the yarn
Of the days of old, when cattle filled the farm

The drought did linger and many cattle died
But the old mans stories, lifted their hope and pride
The farmer lifted their hats, to lives full of dreams
Of green countryside, when water filled the streams

On and on he went, the women began to smile
Their hard toil over, if only for a while
The children sat on knees, eyes full of hope
Their vision marred, of the land that couldn't cope

The story teller grew tired, the coals glowed red
Everybody left for home, to the solace of their bed
But the memories lingered on, of the stories they had heard
That night at the campfire, amongst their dead herd

The old man smiled and rubbed his weary jaw
He looked past the night and saw God's unwritten law
It didn't please him, but the stories he'd just told
Gave the people hope and helped to shape and mould
The spirit that lives in the outback, like that of old.

The Event
By: Brian Skinn

Watch the light, hear the thunder
Smell the air, duck for cover
Hear the dogs howl, startled birds fly
Windows rattle, kids start to cry

Rain teems down, trees cry for more
Winds push on chilling to the core
Sparks all around, lights go out
Babies cuddle close as rain breaks the drought

Then all is quiet, all is still
The sun shines in, rain drips off the window sill
The birds chirp, all the trees glisten
The world awakes and steps out to listen
Back to normal - life goes on ......

No Change
By: Brian Skinn

The clock chimed twelve
And the sky turned bright
As the new era begun
At the stroke of midnight

The day started anew
When the first rays lit the sky
A new millenium was born
And a new beginning was nigh

What change would take place
Nobody knew for sure
We will have to wait
In a new world to explore

But nothing changed at all
As time marched past
The world didn't stop
And it seems, is here to last.

A Millenium in the Making
By: Belinda Skinn

Imagine being born in 1901
When the century has already begun
The celebrations, laughter and cheers
won't be the same till another hundred years.

As the years roll on and the decades pass by
History is made before our very eyes
as every generation seems to be ageing
the nineteen hundreds prove to be changing

Technology is born, and society waits
for what it will bring on everyone's plates
Machines and computers join our race
while we send our first man into space

The time is coming that's been long awaited
The part of history that will soon be created
I think to myself how lucky I am
to be born in time for the millenium.